You need a newborn session... but you have questions, RIGHT?!?!

If you're here, you most likely have booked a newborn session with Ashley Wheeler Photography and are wondering what to expect before, during, and after your session.   Well, you are in the RIGHT place!  (And if you have not booked yet, I hope this answers any questions you may have...  Please know I'm always a phone call away to help ease your mind!)  

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and tips I've compiled during my years as a newborn photographer.  


Frequently Asked Questions

When are newborn sessions scheduled?

Newborn sessions are scheduled Monday - Friday, beginning no later than 9am.  I discourage parents from scheduling an evening session due to most babies experiencing the "witching hour" as the evening approaches, where the babies are harder to soothe and more difficult to settle into the poses.

Do you supply the props and outfits for my baby's session?

Absolutely!! My studio is filled with an ever evolving stock of backdrops, blankets, wraps, buckets, headbands/bows, hats, outfits, etc to be used during your session.  Please visit for an idea of what is offered.   Everything offered in my studio has been proved to photograph beautifully...  most of the options are handmade by talented designers who put time and effort into ensuring the item is perfect for your baby's session.

Occasionally, clients ask to have sentimental items incorporated in their session.  This is always welcome!  We will work together to achieve the best results possible.   Please note, not all items will be allowed in the studio.  Guns, knives, and other potentially dangerous items will not be permitted.

So, my baby's outfit is covered... What should I wear?? 

Great question!!  First and foremost..  DRESS IN LAYERS!!  The studio is warm to keep baby cozy.  We will begin with the family poses so you are able to change into something cooler for the remainder of the session.

I suggest simple outfits without a busy pattern for your family portraits.  Our goal is to create a timeless piece for you to remember this milestone.  Classic never goes out of style.  Trendy outfits and busy patterns can distract from the priceless memory.

What should I bring to my session?

Very simple...

For baby:  Milk, pacifier, diapers, wipes.

For you:  Since newborn sessions are longer than most, I ask parents to bring a small snack for yourself and any siblings that will be attending the session.  Water and coffee is provided for you.  As mentioned earlier, layers of clothing is recommended to ensure you don't get too hot in the studio.

Why is the studio warm for the session?

Babies are accustomed to being warm and cozy in their mother's stomach.  Warm temperatures replicate that environment and help them settle easily into the poses we attempt during your session.  The studio will be approximately 80 degrees while we are shooting.

Why does the session take so long?

Babies can't be rushed!  It's just that simple.   The majority of our time will be spent soothing, feeding, burping, and changing your baby's diapers.  Please, be patient!  The results are always worth the time and effort we put in to the session.

My baby has blemishes and/or flaky skin.  Is this something you plan to edit out?

Absolutely!  If you would like me to edit out the blemishes/discolorations/flaky skin, that is included in your session's package.  

Please note -- If you do NOT want these edited out of your baby's session, be sure to inform me of your decision during the session.  

When will my gallery be ready to view?

Your gallery will be delivered within 3 weeks from the date of your session.


Tips for a successful session

  •   Please be patient!  If the parents become stressed, baby becomes stressed.  Be prepared to stay for the entire time suggested for your package.  While most babies do not need the full 2 or 4 hours, occasionally it does happen!  We will breathe through it and just love the moment we are in.  
  • Babies with full tummies sleep MUCH longer and harder than those who are feeling hungry.  While I understand schedules are being formed, please be prepared to feed baby as much as they need during the session.  A few hours off schedule will not ruin your hard work... and your session will be MUCH easier as a result!
  • Pacifiers are life.  Please bring one.  
  • Siblings are absolutely encouraged to be part of your session.  Please consider having one parent or extra set of hands to take the child to the playground or for a walk around the neighborhood.  Several hours in a small studio is a LOT for a young child and can add stress to the parents... which of course, adds stress to the baby!
  • Safety is ALWAYS first.  If at any point during the session the baby is inconsolable or an unsafe request has been made, I will immediately stop the session from progressing.  Your baby's wellbeing is top priority.