A child's first year is monumental!  Parents are sent home with a tiny newborn and in twelve short months, they have a little person scooting around and developing his or her own personality...  First year milestone sessions capture your child's transformation during this short period of time, as each new phase presents itself.

Fresh new baby! You’ll always want to remember the teeny tiny baby you brought home from the hospital.

3 months
Baby has gained control of his/her head, makes eye contact, smiles frequently, and pushes up with tummy time.

"Sitter” (6-8 months)
Baby’s personality is developing rapidly! “Sitter” sessions capture the baby independently sitting and all the giggly goodness of this phase!!

9 months
Baby is typically pulling up on EVERYTHING and he/she is so proud to do so for the camera!

12 months
Congrats!!! You (I mean, BABY!) have made it through the first year! Celebrations are MANDATORY!

First Year packages available!

Ashley Wheeler Photography offers First Year Packages scheduled for Newborn, "Sitter" (aka when your baby is sitting confidently by himself/herself), and 1st birthday.  Parents also have the option to add a 3 month and 9 month session if they prefer.